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Learning The Secrets About Products

Anabolic Steroids and Its Advantages

You may have heard or read about how people use drugs to heighten their physique capabilities. You may wonder what about these drugs or medicines.

Our body’s natural sex hormone, called testosterone, has a synthetic version in the drug called anabolic drugs. The substance anabolic drugs increases the strength and muscles of bodybuilders and athletes and because of this it has become popular to use among these people. One of the qualities of people involved in sports and in gyms are their being aggressive and competitive, and this is where this substance anabolic substance can offer.

Prescription of the anabolic drugs is also considered by medical authorities to stimulate appetite, promote bone growth, induce male puberty, lessen the effects of chronic diseases like cancer or aids as muscle wasting, and as possible male contraceptive. This drug comes as oral pills, injectable drugs, and skin patches.
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Anabolic substances have effects on the mass and strength of the muscle. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, and when drugs are induced, this would mean more muscle mass and strength.
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When a substance is injected or taken orally, it travels to within the various cells through the androgen receptors. This process alerts the hormone receptor by creating the RNA to signal the DNA to build specific muscle proteins. These proteins travel all over the body and creates anabolic reaction. Aside from the anabolism results of drugs, it has its other advantages and disadvantages too.

Many will ask if drugs work, if it has side effects, and if there is a need to take it; the answer is yes, yes, and no.

Aside from the advantage in taking drugs , it has its disadvantages like changes in cholesterol level, high blood pressure, acne, damage in liver, and probable changes in the structure of the left ventricle of the hear that can cause heart disease.

With the intake of anabolic substance, male will have an effect on their male characteristics. The start of puberty will be affected when anabolic substance are taken, like the growth of clitoris for female and manhood for male children, deepening of voice due to the size increase of the vocal chords, increase hair in the body, and premature losing of hair. Reduction in fertility and atrophy in testicles are among the side effects of steroids.

There are other side effects of drugs, on top of what were previously mentioned, like altered thyroid function, headaches, cramps, nosebleeds, development of breast like tissue in males, stunted growth for teenagers, and possible acceleration of growth tumours.

As you use the steroids, the possibility of you to stop in taking it is difficult, and thus increasing your chances in having the side effects mentioned at any time. It is said that females encounter worse side effects when taking drugs.

Medical prescriptions are not issued for this substance, and since it is illegal, the source is through the black market or illegal means.

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